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Grand Gestures

Monumental Misconceptions

Liane Lang undertook a residency in Budapest in 2009, creating a series of large format photographs on a Linhof 5x4 camera. The images are of interventions with statues at the Memento Sculpture Park. The statues in the park were rescued by Akos Eleöd after the fall of the Socialist government and are exhibited in a suburban field outside the city. Thus removed from their public spaces these bronze giants forlornly gesture into the surrounding countryside.


Lang has inserted her own sculptural figures into the statues, mainly female figures, which are entirely absent in the park. The human scale and vulnerable looking limbs of her dolls contrast with the injurious stone and steel of some of the statues. The project was supported by Hungarian curator Alexa Czismadia. For further images get in touch via the contact page.

The Parachutist

Fellow Travellers

Bossy Boots

Close Quarters


Support Group


Difficult Territory

The Last Laugh

Poster Boy

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