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Zoe 2004

Vintage Record Player, leather drum, vinyl record
Depth 60cm x 60cm, Height 150cm

Zoe is based on the pre-cinema Zoetrope. It has a spinning slitted leather drum, mounted on a vintage record player. A series of pictures on the inner face of the rotating cylinder give an impression of continuous motion when viewed through slits in the cylinder. The needle on the record is trapped in a groove. The classical recording is transformed into a trance beat.

The animated images show a bottom being spanked. The Zoetrope lures the viewer in, to become complicit in an intimate visual space. Zoe mimics a Heath Robinson contraption, a salacious modification. The repetitive sound and imagery have a sexual charge, the manifestation of a mechanical and fetishistic pleasure.

Exhibited at Farmiloe Buildings, London Measure & Flora Fairbairn 2004

We would be very interested to find out where this artwork is currently located, please be so kind and contact us if you know of its whereabouts.

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