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Old School

This body of work was made during a residency at Eton College in Berkshire. This ancient elite boy's boarding school retains many traces of its 500 year history.


Lang's work includes layers of dynastic graffiti, references to the iconoclastic destruction during the time of the reformation, moralistic destruction by the Victorians and other events. Blow Out references the exploded stained glass windows once hit by a Blitz bomb.


Lang's work in the series includes overpainted photographs, bronze casting and transfer prints on marble and old wood. The work examines history through surface and inscription, the actual and the imaginary collaborating to evoke the spirit of the ideological heartlands of Britain's elite, both fascinating and sinister.

Lang's Artist Book Old School reproduces many works from the series and includes an essay by Graffiti researcher Sabina Andron. Send a message to obtain a copy.

Old Wood, bronze cast of graffitied beam

Blow Out, pigment and ink on Hahnemühle print, 2017

150 x 120cm private collection

In the Pew, C-Type print, collection of Eton College

Paying The Devil, chalk and paint on Hahnemühle print 2017

private collection

Founder's Foot, print on broken marble, private collection

Sleep of Reason, print, ink, bronze cast in linen lined frame

private collection

If the Walls Could Speak, charcoal and silver ink on Hahnemühle print, 2017, 180 x 160cm private collection

The Reader,  C-Type print, 150 x 125cm

Foot Rest, print on marble, 2017

Ink Spill, print, ink and bronze cast,linen lined framed

private collection

Entry, print and chalk, 2017, private collection

Carving, pigment print on Hahnemühle paper, 2017

LOV, bronze cast of school bench, linen lined frame 2017

Social Climbing, print on sheared marble, 2017

Transgressions, print on oil paint spill, table top, private collection

If the Walls Could Speak II, 150 x 110cm, paint and chalk on Hahnemühle paper, 150 x 100cm 2017

The artist book Old School was made as part of the exhibition in 2017 in an edition of 145. The book is hand finished and signed in India Ink and printed on an Indigo Press. There are a few copies remaining.

To purchase a book send an email.

£20 + Delivery

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