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Haunted Hotel

Lang's dolls occupy opulent environments in this series. Grand houses, castles and magnificent interiors form the back drop for these figures, standing in for a human presence. The history of such locations is drawn out by being almost occupied. Thoughts of who lived here, the people who lived and died in these rooms, the generations of human endeavour and ugly deeds soaking the soft furnishings in dark corners. 

This body of work was shot on a Linhof 5x4 camera and the images are chromogenic analogue hand prints. Sizes vary, all images are in an edition of three.

Bay, 2005

Pair, 2005

Painting, 2007

Clara, 2009

Let go, 2008

Venus, 2007

Nancy, 2008

Below, 2004

Nocturn, 2007

Mirror Image, 2004

Chateau Fa I, 2004

TV Room, 2004

Prey, 2005

Bust, 2008

Transistor, 2007

Camelhair Blanket, 2007

Knight, 2008

Above, 2004

Relic, 2005

Legs, 2005

Chateau Fa II, 2004

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