Glorious Oblivion

I have been on a pilgrimage since 2018 to find the women who have been remembered with statues in public spaces across Europe - Queens and revolutionaries, artists and scientists, nurses and nuns.

Unreliable estimates put the number of women at between 0.5 and 2% of total statues. Staging interventions and interactions for large scale photographs, sculptures and mixed media works, the project is one of looking and collecting, bringing forgotten objects and lives into fresh focus and pondering the role and relevance of statuary in the telling of history. For the few that have been remembered, countless were forgotten and many were forgotten despite having a statue in their honour.

The circa hundred and fifty statues of women included in Glorious Oblivion will form an installation that might create conversations and connections between diverse objects, through intervention, scale, materiality or juxtaposition. The fragility of monuments speaks to the fragility of legacy, the gaping holes in historical records and the valiant failure of statuary to prevent this oblivion.

The Visit, Mary Wollstonecraft Memorial on Newington Green 2020

Comfort at last, Sor Juana, Madrid, 2018 

Thinking (Hannah Arendt, Budapest) 2019, pigment print on lead, steel, 130 x 50cm

Cecilia, 2018, print on blue marble, 40 x 20cm

Thinking Deeply (Hannah Arendt, Budapest) print on lead, steel 2019 . 130 x 50cm

private collection

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