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Black Forest
2005, sound, 2’40”

Lang’s video is filmed in a forest during winter. The viewer sees sun shine between the trees from a low angle. Light and shadow moves in a steady pace over the forest floor, towards a girl who sits sleeping up against a tree.
The light’s floating and oscillating movement through the forest contrasts the motionless girl. In Black Forest the human’s – and the Sun’s pace has swapped places. This creates a worrying disorder in the notion of time. Time flies by, while Man is locked in a numbing time warp – a state, which only ends by the end of the work. 

Through her works Liane Lang controls the notion of time. Either through photography where she freezes it, through stop-frame animations where she creates it, or through time-lapse sequences, where she compresses time and thereby makes visible the mechanics of it. In recent time-lapse films, Lang ads the presence of human figures who - rather than evolving with time, seem strangely trapped within it.

Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen

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