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Time Bend, print on marble, 15 x 10cm, currently on show at Manana Incierto, Aldama Fabre Gallery, Bilbao

Liane Lang is a visual artist. She has a special interest in monuments and investigates animacy, iconoclasm and legacy through her multi media practice.

Alternative Process Photography, Contemporary Art, Buy contemporary art, sculpture

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Watch Touch Stone by Tom Dwyer, a film about Liane Lang's residency in Derbyshire in 2021.

Lang’s work is currently on show at Shiva Gallery, New York, James Freemann Gallery, London and Aldama Fabre Gallery, Bilbao. She is preparing a solo exhibition at the Whitaker Museum in Lancashire in 2024.

For invites to exhibitions please add your email on the Contact page and follow @lianelangstudio on Instagram. 

Write to us at Brickfield Studios, 30 Brickfield Road, London E3 3NL

Email us on the Contact page

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