Close here  Werndee Hall  

Behind a tall lime tree in Stanger Road, opposite the end of Werndee Road, stood Werndee Hall. This hall replaced the earlier building called ‘China Hall’ in 1883. An image of the hall is in the airship passing overhead.

OS Map 1862.

The last major event at Werndee Hall was a garden fete held to raise money for disabled children. It was a prestigious event, advertised as follows:--

Norwood News 13th July 1907.

The last resident, Sydney Smith a prosperous Sydenham trader, died in 1916, and the building was left empty until bought by Tinsley’s, an electrical engineering firm.

Norwood News 12 January 1917. p5.

Tinsley’s used Werndee Hall for the production of sensitive electrical communications equipment.

Not all went smoothly for Henry Tinsley, as was reported in Norwood News on 11th January 1918:

However, Tinsley’s remained, providing employment for local people both in the building and home work. It is within living memory of South Norwood residents that secret work was undertaken here during the Second World War.

Werndee Hall was demolished at the end of the last century and Shinners Close built on the site.

Close here  Houses in Albert Road

  These mock Tudor houses in Albert Road were built in 1899 on a plot of land left untouched during the 19th century.  The gatepost in the foreground is part of the entrance to an older semi-detached house, called ‘Rockville.’

  These houses were built with quarters for at least one live-in servant on the top floor.  Both semi-detached houses had bathrooms, and an indoor as well as outside toilet and coal store.  In the front rooms on the ground floor there was a bell push by the fireplace for summoning servants.  The rooms were lit by gas light with the brass and glass lamps by the windows.  This was evidently hazardous as newspaper reports of house fires caused by curtains catching alight in a draft when a window had been left ajar on a windy evening were not uncommon.

  The almost unworkable clay gardens of these houses end on the towpath of the London to Croydon canal that came around the Sunny Bank contour two hundred years ago.       


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Flint Cottages  

A small cluster of flint buildings were erected on this corner in the middle of the 19th century.  Another pair, ‘Alice’s Cottages’ in Doyle Road were demolished late in the last century.

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