The Long Way Home

Art Installation in Norwood Junction Underpass by Liane Lang

The Long Way Home is a 180 metre long sequence of photographs, that depicts two alternative routes through South Norwood without using the historic pedestrian underpass in which it is located.

The artist researched photographs and stories in the Croydon Historic Archives and worked with residents and local experts, to develop a photographic memorial to an area which has changed drastically during the last 150 years. South Norwood reflects the developments in British Society on a local scale, social, demographic, architectural and political.

From the WWI memorial to the Church Lad’s Brigade, to the once proud Odeon Cinema, from shopkeepers to suffragettes, these images tell a complex story of social change. Many of the sites photographed in the winter of 2010/11 have already ceased to exist or have changed their function, such as the local library, the Stanley Halls Community Centre and the local tv station.

There are many hidden tales within this image sequence, which measures a total of 180 metres and includes over 100 photographs. One-time Norwood resident Arthur Conan Doyle is there in spirit, his house still stands and along the way many hidden images and small interventions by the artist add a layer of mystery, invoking the ghosts of Norwood’s past.

This artwork was commissioned by Croydon Council’s Arts Service & Planning, Regeneration and Conservation Department.

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image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8
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